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Before buying a love spell or any other kind of magic spell you should consider Free spells , these are a great alternative to paid spells, however the results you will find , will be weak. 

For hard cases I suggest you consult a genuine spell caster and let him/her evaluate your case and show you the best possible solutions. If she/he is really gifted will tell you the best ways to solve your problem, will give you a time frame of the whole process (if a spell is cast) and will set a price for the work. Good spell casters charge from $100 up to $1000 depending on the case , usually love spells range is around $150 to $300. According to my experience a good caster should solve this kind of situation within a month.

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White magic spells are cast to aid fix difficulties with enjoy, cash, overall health, fertility, to counteract attacking incantations or guard against the evil eye among many other things.

Love spells

The most well-liked department of all white magic, is enjoy spells. These are cast to bring back again misplaced lovers, to entice someone new, to reinforce an active love and other requests.

Adore spells can also be employed as safety. For case in point, to guard a relationship, or avert divorce or separation. There are several committed spells to bargain with personal and particular intimate scenarios, like split up, breaking really like, relationship safety, misplaced adore, soul mate, lust and even anti-lying spells.

Money spells

Second in conditions of popularity to love spells, the other most usually requested kind of magic are income spells. Normally invoked especially to resolve fiscal issues, with appropriate spell casting income spells are really powerful in drawing funds in direction of you. Not only can money spells support you achieve far more money, but they can help you control and manage the cash you previously have so it doesn’t vanish.

Therapeutic spells

Healing spells offer primarily with scenarios relevant to overall health, sickness, harm, soreness and other well being difficulties. They are employed to assist anyone suffering from illnesses that affects the individual bodily, mentally or emotionally.

For case in point, they act on people who have gone through considerably pressure, strife and trauma in the past but who cannot appear to come out of the other aspect. This variety of magic invocation is among the most effective magic available to white witches and wizards.

Fertility or pregnancy spells

For females who have lost all hope of having a infant, you can consider a fertility spell to bring new hope. There are also incantations to assist protect a expecting lady from damage in the course of her term and the start itself. There are also even more magic spells to which are used for the defense of young children after beginning.

Evil eye safety

There will constantly be individuals who are jealous of you. As these kinds of, the jealous folks do not want other folks to be happy. They carry unfavorable energies with them and they can damage you with individuals energies possibly by just being around you, or by deliberating casting damaging spells in opposition to you. Thankfully white magic spells can counteract these assaults. There are also spells for eliminating curses or hexes that may possibly have been aimed at you.

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Vodoo Love spell


Are you sad as your lover is not near you? Tried all ways with no success? Here is the ideal way for you to get back your lover. Yes the world of voodoo spells would bring back your sweet heart, but it needs to be done with faith and belief. All that needs to be done here is to think hard of the person and do religiously the steps which have been instructed to you.

voodoo spells

To start with, you need to bring in a big cauldron or an iron container. Fill it with water. The cauldron has to be kept in bright moonlight. This ritual has to be performed in a full moon night so that the effect of the same is more.  Now take a silver or an iron knife and strike the water seven times, while you strike it in the anticlockwise direction, ensure that it is done while the given below voodoo spell is chanted.


“Huranga Burangaa bhoosh

Oh powers of universe audio mihi

Addo your powers to work upon me

Let mihi votum be fulfilled

Adoo my lover from wherever he is

Be it seven seas or seven hills

Bring him to me I beseech you

Huranga burangaa boosh”


Once you have repeated this spell 13 times, you can now take a teaspoon and drink exactly seven spoonful of water from the cauldron. Once you have had the same, you can now move to your room. DO not splash away the water in the cauldron, instead seep it below some banyan or peepal tree.

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What to say to get my ex-girlfriend back?


There are many things you could say to get your ex-girlfriend back, but how constructive it can be is not really known. If you have known her well enough, then maybe you can try to convince her by some or the other obvious reasons, but in most of the cases, getting your ex girlfriend back is a real hurdle, but not if you have the help of spells in hand.


The big magical world of spells can get you many things. Choose a full moon night preferably Fridays. It is good if you can choose the first Friday of the month. Take a piece of paper; write the name of your lady love on it using red ink. Now take a red candle and a red rose. Wrap these things in a red cloth. Now awake at the twelfth hour of midnight. Wear white clothes while you do this ritual. Search for the nearest banyan tree and move to it. Ensure that there is no one near you while you perform this ritual. Next Light the red candle, think of her deeply and about the lovely moments that you have spent with her. Now take any object which she has gifted to you with love. Do not take anything which has been taken without her knowledge.  Take this object and tilt the candle on it.  Let the wax drip on the object gifted to you by your lady love. Count exactly 13 drips on the object. Bury this object as well under the banyan tree and go off to sleep.


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    Many have the notion that spells are really tough and do not have much of an idea on the same, but in reality spells can be done easily of the steps are followed religiously. Following the instruction precisely is very important for free spells to work properly and to have effective results. Here in this edition we would discuss of few simple spells which can be performed easily without much problems.


To start with you would need to have a red candle lighted in front of you. Choose a moon light night, preferably if the day is Friday, the spells would be all the more effective. Sit before the lighted candle and think of the lover, and the qualities you adore in him or her. Think of all those lovely moments you have spent together. Think hard of all those moments of closeness you have had till date and the sweet memories you cherish of those wonderful moments.


You need to keep on thinking of these thoughts till the candle burns off on its own. Try this awesome simple easy love spell and get to see the wonders which happen in your life. Real voodoo is also an option . We all know that love is a divine feeling and is best when obtained without force or compulsion. Voodoo spells and voodoo dolls are cheap! Furthermore the principles of magic and spells state clearly that you should never force anyone to do something by your spell. So it is always best if you perform the spell on yourself rather on any other individual.


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Spells to attract love - Know how you can do this?


If you are in love and know not what has to be done about it. You feel depressed that the person whom you love does not care for you or observes you, or probably does not know that you love her or him, then here is an ideal spell which would help you to attract your lover towards you. This spell may be the turning point in your life when you would be getting your love near you. So are you all set for the wand of magic to turn your fortunes?


To perform this spell you would need to carry a red apple, red rose, red candle and a red cloth. All needs to be of crimson red color else the effect of the ritual would not be very much fruitful. Now choose any full moon night, preferably the first Friday of the month and get set for bringing your lover back to you.


Carry all these things to your nearest banyan tree; open the things one by one. Now place the red apple and red rose within the red cloth and light the candle. Wrap the things which have been kept in the cloth and keep it beside the burning candle.


Look at the full moon which you see above you, and utter or ask for what you need with full devotion and faith. Asking with a true heart would get you your lover near you. Once you have asked for what you need, bury the things below the banyan tree and keep a knife above it in the north eastern direction.


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Love Spells that really work

For all you love hearts who are depressed in their love life can now take a breather as I bring forth to you some easy and workable solutions which would let you tide over these depressing moments.  I’m here to reveal before you a magical world which has many to be told and explained. This is a vast domain and hence needs time for one to get the grip of it. For all of you who are really dejected, let me first help you out to mitigate the issues you are facing in your love life, after which we can discuss about the same in detail probably in the next editions.


See to start with this is not something which happens just with a wave of a wand. It needs concentration and has to be followed religiously.  There are several options which one can resort to and the best one. Potent enough to get things going in your love life has been briefed out here. So get set to get your love life back on track. White magic is one of them!


To get your lover who has not been with you are has had a fight with you, you can just try these love spells . All you need to do is to arrange for a crimson color candle and a red rose flower. Once you have these items with you, then you need to choose any full moon Friday and light the candle, think of your loved one and tear off the petals of the rose one by one.

While tearing it off, burn it in the flame and keep on repeating, “make my wish come true”.

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If you are looking for free spells that work fast then this is the right place where you have come to folks. All that you need to do is to follow some basic instructions carefully and see the wonderful results that happen with you. Every color has a meaning to it and white also has the same. It is the combination of all the other seven colors of the rainbow making it one of the strongest in comparison to the other single colors present.


There are various kinds of spells which might work well when used properly but the key note there is to follow the instructions in the right manner. White being the purest form of color, it has a great significance in the world of magic. In this edition we would learn on how you can bring in good luck by using white love free spells . For doing the same, you would need to take a white candle, a white cloth and 7 incense sticks. Light the candle and burn the incense sticks using the flame of the candle. Once all of them are lighted, cover them with the piece of white cloth. Though this may seem weird to you, but it has an implication.


You would fine there are few tears in the cloth when you warp it around the incense sticks. Count the number of them and add them with your date of birth. For e.g. if it is 1984, then add 1+9+8+4 which gives 22. If there are right holes in the cloth the number you have is 30 which is 3+0= 3. Hence for three days you would need to perform the ritual of staring at the moon during the full moon phase and ask for what you need, preferably at the 12th hour of night.

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