19 7 / 2012

What to say to get my ex-girlfriend back?


There are many things you could say to get your ex-girlfriend back, but how constructive it can be is not really known. If you have known her well enough, then maybe you can try to convince her by some or the other obvious reasons, but in most of the cases, getting your ex girlfriend back is a real hurdle, but not if you have the help of spells in hand.


The big magical world of spells can get you many things. Choose a full moon night preferably Fridays. It is good if you can choose the first Friday of the month. Take a piece of paper; write the name of your lady love on it using red ink. Now take a red candle and a red rose. Wrap these things in a red cloth. Now awake at the twelfth hour of midnight. Wear white clothes while you do this ritual. Search for the nearest banyan tree and move to it. Ensure that there is no one near you while you perform this ritual. Next Light the red candle, think of her deeply and about the lovely moments that you have spent with her. Now take any object which she has gifted to you with love. Do not take anything which has been taken without her knowledge.  Take this object and tilt the candle on it.  Let the wax drip on the object gifted to you by your lady love. Count exactly 13 drips on the object. Bury this object as well under the banyan tree and go off to sleep.